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Can my WooCommerce site help me sell on Instagram?

[Update. This post is what gave inspiration to two blog posts (#, #) on the blog and a new Docs help article to get people started with Shopping on Instagram.]


Yes. Yes, it can.

WooCommerce requirement: existing Facebook Shop set up with products synced using the Facebook for WooCommerce extension. Instagram requirements can be found on their help center.

So what is Shopping on Instagram? In a nutshell, it allows you to link photos on your Instagram account to products for sale on your Store.

As a bonus, this feature doesn’t require an Instagram plugin or anything more than you have already if you’re using the Facebook for WooCommerce extension.

I already had the Facebook extension installed from when it was first launched so that part of having a Shop on Facebook was already set up.

Getting set up and approved

Make sure you have your WooCommerce store connected to an authorized Facebook Page, then in the Instagram app either create a new account for your business or convert your personal account to a business account.

After you have an account, you will need to be approved. This process can take a few hours or days and depends on Instagram approving your account. If you have any question, ask the team over there.



Once that process has happened, you will receive a push notification that you have been approved.



Tagging and publishing

Congratulations, you can now start tagging products from your store in images on the site!

You will want to then connect your Facebook Shop to the Instagram Business Account.
Head over to your Instagram profile using the app, then click on the cog icon on the top right. Scroll to Shopping, then select the source of your products.

Instagram has a help document about how to how to tag for more information.

Here is a video of the process of tagging once you have a Facebook Shop connected.



The finished product will now look like this screenshot:




Happy selling!


Where can I find more information about Shopping on Instagram? Via the Instagram Business site and the Instagram Business Tools help center.

Why aren’t my products showing up? Products will only show for tagging when they are synced to your Facebook Shop using the Facebook for WooCommerce extension.

Why do my desktop viewers not see any tagged products? Shopping on Instagram is only available within the Instagram app for now.

The Instagram post is only showing on Facebook as a photo, why? This is part of the sharing option on Instagram, the post is shared on Facebook. You can still tag that regular post with the Facebook Shop product. You can view the Coffee Machine product tagged in the post which was shared in the video, here. This was tagged on Facebook after publishing via Instagram.

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Can my WooCommerce site be a catalog?

In the first installment of series of posts “Can my WooCommerce site do…”, I’m going to look at something that comes up often and sometimes inadvertently.

What happens if you want to showcase a product but don’t want people to purchase it? If this is for your whole store, I recommend looking at the Catalog Visibility Options extension we offer on This has a great range of functionality for making your site into a catalog, including removing the actual e-commerce functionality. [edit to clarify – With my scenario, the cart will still appear on the menu and be visible if people navigate to /cart, or /checkout, or whatever the pages are set as.]

For one-off products, the answer is simple – don’t set a price for the product at all.

I have a product set up for this, the Catalog Product. This is a standard simple product where the price hasn’t been set at all, and this only uses the core WooCommerce plugin.

You can see the setup of this in this gif:


(Direct link:

What you get is a great set up for showcasing a product using only the core WooCommerce plugin. I have chosen to tweak it slightly using the great Storefront Powerpack.

I mentioned that this happens inadvertently and we see people asking “why can’t my customers purchase this product!” the reason is what I have done – no price has been set. (If you want a “free” product, enter what that price is – 0, zero. Like in my Free Download product.)

What if you want to set up a pre-order, have a product “available” but not ready to ship? Take a look at Pre-Orders for that.

Thoughts? Does this help explain things a bit better? Is this useful?

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Can my WooCommerce site do…?


I get this question a lot each week working in Support. Each week I’m surprised as I sit back and think “Possibly…”.

These questions are often why products exist on this site, or that there is a certain scenario I’ve set up on the site (like the Germany/US Shipping Products).

Each week, I’m going to publish a post with examples of “Can I do…?” which will hopefully be taken from real scenarios I have been posed with.

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I will never stop learning…

This is the first line of the Automattic Creed, something I hold dear, and have practiced while working in support.

This site started when I joined, and then continued while I set up examples and scenarios for customers. I’m now going to be blogging semi-regularly, or whenever I have an interesting set up to share.

“Demo” Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash